The Triumvirate Ep.2: Live Long, Leviath-gone

June 16, 2017


Element Games


Gary, Chris and Andy are back and full of puns for Episode 2.  We'd all like to say a massive thank you for the response to Episode 1. It was thanks to all of you listening, rating us in iTunes and generally sharing on all of your social media that we managed to hit the New & Noteworthy Section of iTunes. A product of that reception is that we have gained a new awesome sponsor in Element Games and from this episode onwards we will be recieving support from Games Workshop themselves. So from the 3 of us... THANK YOU! It is a direct correlation to your support that this happened.

In this episode we go through our review of all aspects of the #New40k boxed game, Dark Imperium. We also go into some detail into the new lore of the 40k universe found in the rulebook. We talk about our first games in the new edition, using points and the power ratings, list writing as well as the upcoming summer campaign The Fate of Konor

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The Triumvirate Ep1: The Tinkerer Crab

May 19, 2017


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Welcome to episode one, we finally did it! In this episode Chris, Gary and Andy get up to speed with the current info on 8th ed 40k and also explain what they plan to be doing, hobby-wise.


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