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The Triumvirate Ep.5: Codex - Super Sweet Bros

September 8, 2017


Element Games

Barnsley Models & Games

This episode we are a man down, Chris was unable to make it due to running the 80-player AoS event, Blackout. If you are interested in AoS then make sure you check out his coverage of the event on The Black Sun Podcast.

That does mean that Gary and Andy are having to hold down the fort this week and well… they try! This episode covers the upcoming 'Wrath & Glory' RPG set in the #New40k universe, all the news coming out of NOVA where Games Workshops onslaught of awesomeness on our wallets was confirmed to continue and we annouce our winner of the brand new 40k rulebook.

The main topic though is the new Codex: Grey Knights. The review covers all of the lore within the codex from the mysterious beginnings and creation of the chapter, the secrets of their home-world; Titan to the extremes they may have to go to in order to protect the imperium during these dark, chaos-ridden times.

Please note that Gary & Andy are reviewing the codex but are also totally new to the lore and background of the Grey Knights. So if you’re interested to learn about some ‘super sweet bros’ from a couple of guys just discovering it themselves… you’re in the right place!

Also make sure you check out the cool Wrath & Glory info found on the Ulisses website. Complete with link to FAQs and Teaser Website - here

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